Stash Saturday: Back in the US of A

After all my hardwork on working through my stash with Peaseblossom last month I have somewhat come undone. In one fell swoop, I added 2.5 kilometers of yarn to my stash. Oops!

I have very legitimate reasons for all of the purchases, however. I want to knit presents for my kids’ teachers by the end of the month and for the current knitterly baby-boom but – would you believe it? – there was nothing appropriate in my stash!

These are the ones I can show you – the Accumulations that are destined to be presents for teachers:
Rowan Cocoon Rowan Cashsoft Patons Inca

Sirdar Tweedie Chunky

Clockwise (starting at the top centre), we have:

  • Rowan Cocoon – 2 skeins at 115m each = 230m. I already have a skein in this colourway, and – as we all know, you can do very little with 115m of yarn and an awful lot more with 345m! I made no sense to leave these in the shop. I’m thinking “BraidHeart” by RoseAnne for my DD’s teacher.
  • Rowan Cashsoft DK – 3 balls at 130m each = 390m. I fell for the yellow, which seems like the best version of gold I’ve found yet. I should explain, it was my search for the perfect gold-coloured yarn that brought me to the shop in the first place. I will explain further in my next WIP-Wednesday post. The green isn’t the best version of green but it *is* a matching yarn so it had to come along.
  • Sirdar Tweedie Chunky – 4 skeins at 100m each = 400m. I’m hoping this will become something speedy for my son’s teacher – I’m hoping “Leaving On The Edge” – also by RoseAnne – will work for this chunky yarn. (It better by as fast as you say, R!)
  • Patons Inca – 3 skeins at 58m each = 174m. This is a back-up plan for if the project with the Rowan Cashsoft DK doesn’t work out. Or it will become matching gloves using DianeM’s “Mittens for Chilling Out” pattern.
  • Add to this the baby yarn at 1320m and you have a grand total of 2,514m!

The over-arching legitimate reason for the purchases pictured is that they were all found in the bargain bin at Stitch the most local of my LYSs. Who could argue with Rowan Cocoon at half-price? Or Rowan Cashsoft at 3 quid a ball?

The baby-yarn wasn’t in the bargain-bin but considering the only other baby-yarn I have was pasty acrylic from Aldi I feel entirely justified in the splurge. Wait until you see it – you wouldn’t have been able to resist it either!


3 Responses to “Stash Saturday: Back in the US of A”

  1. sheknitupthat Says:

    Really like that gold- I had a search a while ago for a goldy mustard and found Debbie bliss lux aran tweed and bought 10

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  3. enormous Says:

    I love the blue! I just got some of the 4ply version of the cashsoft IYKWIM in a yellowy orange off eBay and trying to decide what to do with it. A little cardi for my imminently arriving niece maybe.
    Thanks for the link to Rose Anne’s stuff on ravelry – she has a chunky crochet snood which I’m definitely making my sis for her birthday in Oct.
    Your kids teachers are so lucky!

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