Choosy Tuesday: help required

Yet again, dear reader, I have a dilemma that I need your advice on.

You’re already aware that my Turbine Hat is stalled because of the pesky foibles of yarn-weights. Despite using a DK-weight yarn when Aran-weight is called for, I didn’t bother to swatch. You would think that getting a satisfactory fabric while using the requested needle-size would be a sufficient test. You would think I’d know better by now. In addition, my little bit of colour-work pulls that section in in tighter.

The result is a stretched, ill-fitting hat that has to be ripped.

I have three options as a remedy and I invite you to advise me in the comments below. I could:

    A) re-do the maths – add a few stitches at regular intervals in the pattern to increase the circumference at thus gauge.
    Advantages: I already have a gauge-swatch
    Disadvantages: it will be even slower to knit.

    B) Re-knit with the yarn held double.
    Advantages: it would be a fast-knit and excellent stash-busting.
    Disadvantages: I’d have to swatch and do re-sizing maths.

    C) Get the correct weight of yarn in a swap from another knitter.
    Advantages: no need for swatch or maths.
    Disadvantages: panic ensues while waiting for yarn to arrive.

What do you advise, dear reader? If I start B first at least I can decide very quickly if it’s working. However, if I start A first there’s less chance of a false start. In the meantime, I could set plan C in motion while I decide between A or B.

Your thoughts on all this are appreciated.

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4 Responses to “Choosy Tuesday: help required”

  1. Sinéad Reynolds Says:

    Um, sorry, but I vote for A. What you’ve done so far looks great apart from the size, so I
    think I’d stick with the texture you have & upsize it slightly. Sorry!

  2. wrapNturn Says:

    Option A. Yarn held double will make a really thick hat and I’m not sure you’d get the nice stitch defination you’re getting now. While A could mean slightly more knitting time, there will be less messing around time trying to get gauge or new wool and isn’t it really all about more knitting time?

  3. Bionic Laura Says:

    I’d be in agreement with wrapNturn here. Whenever I try to modify patterns I find the simplest way to do it is often best, that’s why I’d go with A. You already have a gauge swatch in the form of an almost knitted hat so it will be easy to work out the number of stitches you need to increase the size. Also it won’t be that many extra stitches so it won’t take you that much longer to knit. If you double the yarn and take option B I think it will take a lot longer to work out the pattern. The gauge will change completely and you’ll be almost redesigning the hat which will take longer. I think option C is out as you may not get the right yarn on time and who knows it might not even give you the right gauge. Best of luck!

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