Tour: Deserted Ireland

When we were on our way home from our mini-break in Co. Sligo at Easter we were on the look-out for a good spot en-route to stop and have lunch.
When we saw The Abbey Manor Hotel in Dromohair, Co. Leitrim, we reckoned we had hit the jackpot.

An attractive building with oodles of charm, we parked outside and anticipated a good quality carvery lunch. A plaque on the wall announced proudly:

… but it soon became apparent that all was not well only seven years later.

The ivy appeared to be growing too thickly round the front door.

Sure enough, there’s a sign on the door…

Looking through the windows all seemed to be laid out expectantly, as though the occupants – the staff and residents – would walk in any minute. 

Or… like some scene from a disaster movie… as though they had fled suddenly from impending doom.


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