Push My Buttons

These are my current WIPs.

Baby Cardigans

From left to right:

  1. 2-piece baby jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knit One Knit All – Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Garter Stitch Designs
  2. “Bedhoin Cardigan” a.k.a. # 63 Catwalk by Carolin Schwarberg from Verena Stricken, Herbst 2011 (or in my case, Burda Tricot, Automme 2011)
  3. Harvey Kimono by Louisa Harding from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms

I know they look finished but the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the buttons are in a heap in the centre of the picture and not sewn in place. So, yeah, still WIPs…

Buttons are a bit of stumbling block, aren’t they? Finding the right buttons can be the most challenging issue for a WIP. First you have to find somewhere that has a decent collection. For me, this has meant trundling all the way in to Dublin Woolen Mills in Dublin City Centre (or, in the case of the lovely timber toggles shown, prevailing upon a member of my knitting group). Then there’s the arduous task of whittling down the choice in terms of suitable colours and sizes. It’s a good plan to have the WIP in question with you (as I’ve learned the hard way).

Even having overcome these hurdles I’m still stalled. What’s worse, they’ve been in this state for weeks! [Another thing I’ve learned the hard way is: “keep a thin sewing needle with a large threading eye with my notions’ kit”.] Really, I’m posting this to embarrass myself into doing something about them. With an FO Friday coming up will these WIPs make the cut in time?


2 Responses to “Push My Buttons”

  1. watermemory Says:

    What gorgeous work, as always. Nothing like making it public for an aul’ spur on, is there?

    (I find myself amazed at just how much you manage to pack in, though. Do you have a cloning machine I could borrow?)

  2. sheknitupthat Says:

    I put button sewing on m to do list. Don’t approach it as smthg enjoyable & leisurely! It is a Task!

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