Week 1 or Weak One

I have an admission to make: I was trying out the WordPress app on my phone for my last post and published it before I meant to. I had intended giving you a bit more information or background to the headings I listed. I also missed out on a few headings, so I’ll make amends in this post. [I think this post has already become unweildy enough so I will save some headings (Gems from the Web; Twilting; NikePlus) for another time.]



This was a Twitter initiative that started at the end of 2010. The idea is to tackle as many unfinished projects as possible during that magical week between Christmas and New Year’s Day so that you start the New Year a-fresh. According to Ravelry, my count of UFOs is: 11, including 4WIPs and 7 Hibernating.

Entrelac Hat Crochet




Done by The Epiphany:

  • Elijah 2 (hibernating) – I used Debbie Bliss Stella for this and I hated the yarn. The poor thing sat, legless and unloved, for I don’t know how long. I finally bit the bullet and frogged it as part of WIPdown11.
  • Turbine (hibernating) – You may recall me making a hat for my daughter’s teacher last June? And the epic fail it turned out to be? Well I finally frogged it. But… very quickly… so quickly the knitting police in the stashdown radar wouldn’t notice… I cast on for…
  • a cowl and matching hat for my Mum. She was away for Christmas and mentioned before she headed off how much she appreciated – and wears – a matching hat and cowl I had made for her years ago. She also mentioned that they had got a bit tired looking after so many rounds of golf in all weathers. So I wanted to lash up something quickly for her while she was away. I’ve improvised them in Tunisian Crochet in the round, based on what looks or feels right . I may make matching mittens, if I have enough time.
  • Behouin Hoodie – This has been finished and waiting for buttons since September! I’ve been mulling over how to attach the wooden toggles because they don’t have holes. @kaosullivan pointed out I could use a loop (or larkshead knot!) to attach the toggle to the yarn. I decided rather than crochet a chain, which would be too loose for tension, I taught myself macrame and finally got on with it.
  • Cotton Entrelac Hat (hibernating) – I hated making this. It was never going to look well. Frogged!

Will Do – before Chinese New Year?:

  • Petals – this was abandoned last April, if you remember, to get on with making my Peaseblossom Tunic. I picked it up again at the beginning of November last year and made progress by just sticking with it. I have now completed the edging on both sides. I just have two sleeves and two ties left to do. So I’ve split the remaining yarn into two so I can judge how much is left for each. Unfortunately, I joined the two ends of the edgings very badly so I also need to rip out that seam and re-do. This will be completed as part of Lacealong2012 (see below) and Stashdown12 (see below)
  • GlenvArgh! (hibernating) – This came out of hibernation last year, you may recall, as a consequence of WIPdown. Unfortunately, though it did grow considerably in length, it still hasn’t made it to FO status – there’s a pesky 2nd sleeve to be done for starters! I’ve dragged it out again. I would just love to be able to wear a knitted tunic dress this winter!
  • The Behemoth (hibernating) feeds the yarn for GlenvArgh! so when one is done so is the other – a two-fer-one deal.

Will leave until later:

  • Hamma-Hamma Hat (hibernating) – this was an experiment to make a Tunisian Crochet version of Urchin by Ysolda Teague. Then I ran out of yarn… then I found more yarn… in the meantime I lost interest.
  • Henry Bear Blanket (hibernating) – someday I’ll either finish a blanket or make a different one. I’ll leave this as it is to remind me and guilt me into following through.
  • Jan-shawl – This has been cast-on as part of Lacealong2012 and Stashdown12 is not really part of WIPdown.


It started with a tweet. Then, suddenly!, a whole flock of us were twittering on about tackling our stash of lace-weight yarns and what lace patterns we might try. There were so many of us, the names took up most of the 140 characters available. This was a bit of fun… for about three tweets or so; and then we decided to get real. So, taking a leaf out of @WrapNTurn’s book for organising Knitmas, I set up a separate twitter account: @lacealong2012.

The idea is to use the support of a group of like-minded crafters to tackle a lacy pattern – in lace-weight – using either crochet or knitting at some time in 2012. There are those who are using the motivation to finish some existing lace-weight projects – I’ll be doing Petals, as I’ve mentioned above. There are others who are getting into training by using sock-weight in a lacy project; with the ultimate challenge of a lace-weight project in their sights.

If you’re on Twitter and are of a mind to cast-on something in lace-weight in 2012 follow @lacealong2012 to get on this band-wagon. I’ve made a list of everyone who has followed @lacealong so you could follow that list to get in on the chat. You can also use the list to find and follow others participating, so you don’t miss what we’re all saying to each other either.

12 Shawls in 2012

First, a long-winded Back-story: Before Christmas, I toyed with the idea of making my niece a cowl to match the mittens I had given her for her birthday. This led me to pull out my skein of Schoppel Wolle Admiral Ombre that @Doogarry gave me as an Angel present a few years ago. The plan was to combine this with some yellow GarnStudio Drops Eskimo and make Pletenka. As with many of my schemes, the plan didn’t work. However, it re-kindled my love for the Admiral Ombre and to wonder what I could do with it.

I decided on Guirlandes and cast-on, on a whim, just before Christmas. To my surprise, I finished it in 10 days. I loved knitting this. It was so addictive – I found it hard to put it down. I loved watching the shape evolve and the colours emerge. I have decided that I should knit more shawls. In fact, I have decided that I should try to knit 12 shawls in 2012. Of course, finishing my first full-sized shawl in only 10 days has given me a completely false impression of what I can achieve. Undaunted, I have drawn up a list of shawls that I have been eyeing up for a while.

I learned afterwards there’s a Ravelry Group for this – 12 Shawls in 2012 – so, naturally, I’ve signed up. Their rules are more strict than mine: they insist on a minimum yardage of 250 metres so 198 yards of Heaven won’t count. And they won’t allow anything with sleeves – understandably – which means somethings that I will do as part of Lacealong2012 can’t also be counted as part of 12in12.


This is another initiative that started on Twitter and has garnered its own twitter account recently : @StashDown. The idea is that we support each other in using our existing stash and resisting accumulating more.

Recently I downloaded my Ravelry stash as an Excel spreadsheet and gave myself a heart-attack! Counting only the yarn I have currently recorded on Ravelry I have… wait for it… 51.5 kilometers of yarn. For those readers in the New World who still work in “Old Money” that’s six miles more than a Marathon of yarn!!! That doesn’t even include all my yarn! It excludes, for example,most of the 12 skeins of sock yarn I got in Janel Laidman’s Sock Club last year! The exclamation marks could go on and on!

So, as is my wont, I have drawn up a plan – my knitting and crochet plan for how to StashDown and LaceUp in 2012. It is based on

  1. Taking part in WIPdown11 – which ties into StashDown12
  2. Taking part in Lacealong2012 – projects using lace-weight since they are high-yardage yarns
  3. Taking part in 12Shawlsin12 – with a view to getting ahead with gifts through-out the year
  4. Taking part in StashDown12 – and only using existing yarn from stash
Priority Brand Yarn Weight Remaining meters Time (days) Category
WIP The Dublin Dye Company Alpaca Lace Lace / 2 ply 1199.7 30 WIPdown
WIP Rowan RYC Cashsoft DK DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) 259.7 6 WIPdown
WIP Sirdar Tweedie Chunky Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi) 265.2 7 WIPdown
1 Ivy Brambles Romantica Merino Lace Lace / 2 ply 914.4 23 12Shawlsin12
2 Malabrigo Yarn Lace Lace / 2 ply 429.8 11 Lacealong2012
3 Lhogan LHogan’s Hand-dyed Falkland Unknown yet! 250 6 12Shawlsin12
4 Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) 399.6 10 12Shawlsin12
5 Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Prima Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) 331.9 8 12Shawlsin12
6 Araucania Trauco Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) 293.5 7 12Shawlsin12
7 Artesano Hummingbird 4ply Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) 373.1 9 12Shawlsin12
8 Lang Yarns Jawoll Solid Superwash Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) 565.1 14 12Shawlsin12
9 Fyberspates Lace Lace / 2 ply 785.7 20 12Shawlsin12
9 Handmaiden Fine Yarn Silken DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) 748.9 19 12Shawlsin12
10 LHogan BFL Lace Lace / 2 ply 795.5 20 12Shawlsin12
11 Hedgehog fibres Pure cashmere lace Lace / 2 ply 399.6 10 12Shawlsin12
11 Hedgehog fibres Pure cashmere lace Lace / 2 ply 399.6 10 12Shawlsin12
12 Regia Lace Lace / 2 ply 1200 30 12Shawlsin12
13 Noro Sekku Lace / 2 ply 1682.5 42 Lacealong2012
Totals 11293.8 282

The time shown in the chart above is based on being able to knit a skein of sock-weight, or 400m, in 10 days. Assuming this is realistic (sure!), and that I stick to it (pshwah! have I even met me?), this already stretches to 40weeks – also known as October! Then again, when I consider this leaves me with a buffer of 3 months I actually think I manage all of this in 2012 (oh, give me strength!).


6 Responses to “Week 1 or Weak One”

  1. MweaG Says:

    The very best of luck! Though if you’re anything like me, you’ll hit October and go ‘Oh crap! Need to start on that stashdown thing! Before I start the Christmas knitting!’. I hope you’re not anything like me! ;o)

  2. sheknitupthat Says:

    Ooh I love a good organisey post *rubs hands*

    PS! C’s granny was visiting from Scotland at xmas and she used the phase under her oxter! First time I’d heard it from someone that wasn’t you!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I love the look of the Daisy cardigan, can’t wait to see it finished, so elegant!

  4. knitinc Says:

    Holy moley! That is some post full of commitments! Fair play to you, you’re a great organiser. best of luck!

  5. Irene Says:

    Big round of applause on the Tunisian job! (And all the other jobs, which are awe-inspiring!!!) What a wonderful set. I’m sure your mother will love it to bits!

    Great to see you back with a vengeance!

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