Week 8: A quickie


Thank you all so much for the great name suggestions. I only have time for a very quick post today (a day late, as it is!) so I’ll do the draw for the winner in time for next week’s post – I promise.


The Edging


Star Chart transition to Blossom Chart

StashDown / Lacealong2012 / 12in12

My cake of Ivy Brambles Romantica Merino Lace currently weighs 5g, which means I have knit 239m in the past week. More importantly…

I finished my Laminaria!

I cast-off ON THE PLANE home from London. Yes, you read it right: I was knitting ON THE PLANE!!! Not only that but using METAL needles. I’ve always been a stickler for rules and have always stuck to crochet for plane trips when I read that needles are listed as forbidden items for carry-on baggage. I made an exception for my Laminaria – it was just too tempting to put away for the plane trip.

I have some terrible shots here, that I took on my iPhone while it was blocking. I promise, when I have daylight, a proper camera and photographer I will post better shots.

So that’s my first shawl for my 12in12. It took me two months rather than one but it is greater than 800m and one of the shawls in the challenge has to be that large – at least I’ve got it out of the way early.

It’s also my first entry in Lacealong2012. I must take a look at who has cast-on and off a lace project in lace-weight so far this year.

I want to chat in more detail about how much yarn was used for StashDown. There was quite a discussion about how to calculate how many repeats to do to maximise usage. I got some helpful comments, which I’ve held off on publishing, in order to give the topic more time in a later post.

Gems from the Web

My gem from the Web this week is actually a person – Kersti Anear and especially her FourSquare activity. As I was waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport, she tweeted that she was on her way to London for the weekend too. I have to admit, I took note of her FourSquare check-ins and actually tried some places purely because she had gone there. (Yeah, that doesn’t sound weird or stalker-ish at all…)

Honestly, it made sense: we went to Liberty (I got some lovely fabric, that I think will become a baby-quilt) and she had tried a dim-sum place nearby called Ping Pong. So, I convinced DH to give it a go and it was fantastic. Sake-based martinis and an excellent variety of dim-sum. We both particularly liked the sticky rice and the steamed vegetable buns.


Sake-tinis and dim-sum in Ping Pong

Nike+ GPS

I was determined to run in London. Despite a knee that started to act up during the day, as though in anticipation, I managed 6k around Hyde Park / Kensington Gardens. I really struggled and probably shouldn’t have run at all. I’ve got very blazé about doing proper warm-ups so I really felt like a crock on Friday. DH had great fun teasing me that I was taking turning 41 very hard indeed. Even though I felt better on Saturday I decided not to try running again.

All the same, I’m delighted that the map of my Nike+ runs now looks like:


3 Responses to “Week 8: A quickie”

  1. Kersti Says:

    That’s awesome – I was stalking/watching your check ins too! It is a great way to get recommendations of places to go and it’s nice to know where your friends are 🙂

  2. sheknitupthat Says:

    Love that shawl! Good luck with number two in the challenge, have you chosen a pattern yet?

  3. julie Says:

    i know lots of people have knit it, but laminaria still scares the bejeebus out of me. I salute you! Can’t wait to see more pics 😀

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