Who am I?

In my day job I’m an architect, working for the public sector in Ireland. I’ve designed a library, as well as Group Housing accommodation for a family group from the Irish Travelling Community.

By night I become an avid knitter – sometimes I indulge in it during the day by surfing too much on Knitting-related websites, yarn shops and blogs.

At all times I’m a wife (of a physicist), and mother-of-three.

2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Beth P. Says:

    Congratulations on #3! When will you start knitting for the baby–before or after birth?

    Maybe next time I’m in Ireland you’ll be on maternity leave again. (I’m the Beth P. you invited for coffee in Skerries, and inspired with your knitting.) BTW I’ve just graduated from knitting acrylic blanket squares to knitting a cotton baby hat. I’m still knitting squares, though, since all the children I work with want a doll blanket.

  2. Catherine Rotte-Murray Says:

    I’m so impressed with your skills! Creativity on all fronts – nice to meet another Irish public sector worker;) – and I love your knitting designs! I barely manage to follow patterns made by others and rarely made up something, did a cable hat once! Must follow your blog and resume mine this year after a poor showing in 2011! Happy New Year and catch you on Twitter! Catherine xxx

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