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When I started this blog I stated that I had “a strong belief in knitting patterns being freely available”. I didn’t say this to take away from those designers who try to eek out a living from their craft. Having learned more about the quality of patterns available in the interim I have a keener understanding why patterns would be offered for free and others should be paid for. Knit and crochet designers put themselves forward into a fickle public, and market decides what their creativity is worth. 

At the moment, for me, knitting is my hobby and I don’t make a living from pattern design. I have a full-time paid job and I can’t invest the time required to develop designs. I hope to turn this around in the near future (time of writing is Jan ’14). In the meantime, I would take it as huge flattery if someone wanted to knit and/or wear something I dreamed up. My designs seem to me more like conglomerations of techniques I have learned rather than patterns per se. So, below I offer some patterns for free – sort of! For no financial gain to me, anyway.      

How to “Pay”:

I’m thinking that “payment” for each of the downloads will consist of a suggestion of a Random Act of Kindness that the prospective “purchaser” should agree to carry out in return for the pattern. It’s like Karmic Barter.

  • As you hover over each image you’ll be advised of what the payment is.
  • Clicking on the image gets you through to the pattern page. But…
  • Only click when you’ve carried out the payment task. Be true to your conscience now!
  • If you carry-out the task, either blog about it and ping it back here or tell me in the comments for each pattern.

The Patterns:

Click only if you've bought dough-nuts for 3 work colleagues



This is a pattern for a neck-warmer, which you knit in the round as a tube; using two different self-striping yarns in corrugated slip-stitch. The tube is then folded over on itself and you graft one end to the other. Warning: the resulting neck warmer is very warm. Too warm even for Minnesota in Winter, according to the recipient. This was originally published in Magknits November 2007 issue. It got lost in the mists of Inter-Webs obscurity when Kerri Allman took Magknits down one fine day. I couldn’t find any of my own original information, unfortunately. Hurrah! for the Wayback Machine, however. Here it is again – though not exactly by popular demand 😉

That 70’s Stole

That 70’s Stole

This poncho-cum-stole uses two different yarns in similar colour-ways. One is self-striping wool and the other a novelty “fun-fur”, also self-stripping. It is a rectangle, worked on the bias; using yarn-overs at the selvages to make the increases. Then you have the option of wearing it wrapped around you or fastening one short end to the start of a long end to make a poncho.

No page yet – working on it!

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