My Month of Sundays

This Sunday was the first in five weeks that I didn’t spend in Dublin City Centre.

My first attempt at spinning

Inside the Crafty Market

It started with the February Spin-in on 28th February on the balcony of Powerscourt Townhouse. Claire and I grabbed a gorgeous sandwich and coffee from Lemon, down the road, before proceedings got underway.

The following Sunday, 7th March, I went to the Crafty Market with Swords Knitting Buddies . We enjoyed a delicious lunch afterwards at Mermaid Cafe.

Sunday 14th March was Mother’s Day and we brought my mother to a family concert by Kodo  (pictured above) in the National Concert Hall. We had a beautiful buffet lunch in the Conrad Hotel across the road afterwards. My mother and I both received a goody-bag from the hotel as we were leaving. I thought there was a recession on?!?!

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Ground Floor installation

Last Sunday, 21st March, I took the kids into the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. Our lunch afterwards this time was in Café di Napoli for pizza portions for kids and a most exquisite panini for me. The coffee was nice too, if a little cold but the kids couldn’t hack the flavour of Chinnotto so I ended up drinking their drinks too.

So after such a fine list of Sundays – being all crafty, cultured and cullinary – I’ve had to plod through domestic chores today. ‘Sonly fair!

Speaking of Sundays… don’t forget: next Sunday is Easter Sunday and I’m running a Treasure-hunt around my blog and you could win these great prizes

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On the last Sunday of February I finally got the chance to join up with other spinners at the monthly Sunday’s Spin-in at Powerscourt. I brought with me the only spinning accoutrements I possess, a beginner’s drop-spindle and some dyed roving that I’d started on the Irish Knitter’s Retreat back in October 2008! I started the afternoon not being able to remember a single thing from the lesson Chicwithstix had given me way back then. However, thanks to the generosity of time and knowledge on the part of Kneehigh, Chicwithstix, DubSpinner, Deimne, Flick and Claire42 it started to come back to me. 

I was determined to finish spinning the roving I had and I learned a few things in the process too; such as dyed roving is more prone to felting and leaving it stuffed in a plastic bag for 18 months is not conducive to easy-spinning. However I did  finish up with this. Art/Novelty-yarn-esque as it is, I’m proud to have got to the end and for learning all that I did. 

Very nice dear.... but what is it?

I had the “yarn” on separate toilet roll centres, all ready for meeting Chicwithstix at the Crafy Market last Sunday, so that she could give me pointers on how to ply them together. And then… I met her scribble lace scarf, knit using beautiful blue hand-spun of her own for the accent yarn. So now my “yarn” is not going to be plied but – with the able-bodied, enabling of Bootie and Clarabel – got partnered with some Drops Kid-silk in beige from The Constant Knitter

When I grow up.... I'll scribble!

I’ve received excellent advice from all the spinners I’ve met recently. The advice I like best of all is from BionicLaura: “spindling for 5 minutes a day will teach you more than an hour once a week” because it means I’m going to have to invest in a whole lot of roving. Roving is just perfect to tide me over while I’m on this strict yarn diet, isn’t it? With this in mind I got 100g of pencil roving from Chicwithstix at the Crafty Market. It’s a Merino Tencel blend that I’m going to spin, dye and then ply. Until then, I just content myself with burying my face in it an inhaling. Aaaah! 

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down...

Oh! my strict yarn diet… I completely forgot! (tee hee!). The main reason we went to the Crafty Market in the first place was to get a chance to see The Constant Knitters’ wares. She did not disappoint and these two balls of Kid-Silk by Drops were purloined with a lacy wrap from Knitting Brioche in mind. 

Planned for "Herfst avond scarf" by Nancy Marchant from "Knitting Brioche"