These are made of WIN!

You may remember this:

It’s the skein of yarn I received from Bridget last Hallowe’en. Not just any skein, you’ll notice.  A skein of Luxury Sock Yarn especially dyed by Carol of Black Bunny Fibres during last year’s US Presidential Election in the colour way: Unity. The photo doesn’t do just to the colour any justice. If it were a wine you’d say things like: “I’m getting notes of saphire, aquamarine and cobalt”.

The result of the election meant that Victory Socks were on the cards. Initially I thought of  Hedera, from Knitty, since the lace pattern created a plethora of little Vs.

Being me, I had to do them toe-up. For a toe-up version of the Vs i.e. to stop them from just being arrows that point up my leg instead; I needed to invert the lace pattern. Very quickly I ran into a problem – a.k.a. learning opportunity: the lace pattern includes [sl1, k2tog, psso] which allows you to decrease two stitches centred over a middle stitch. I tried a few versions of this but nothing was really working. In the end I just designed my own sock pattern altogether.

I used Cat Bordhi’s Master Upstream for the overall structure of the sock. Starting with Judy’s Magic Cast-on I increased the toe to the required number for the Hedera Pattern and started by establishing the columns of twisted rib. I tried out a series of big Vs accross the instep, using 10 rounds to form each pattern. Then I fretted that it was all taking too much time – the date for the inauguration was looming.

To step up the pace I opted for a fagotting rib, separated by the columns of twisted rib, in three panels accross the instep. When I had gone far enough on the foot I used yarn-overs to make the increases for the arch expansion. This formed a Big V from the centre of my foot and divertedided a column of faggoting rib along each side.

The arch expansion section was treated with [yo, ssk] on one side and [yo, k2tog] on the other creating diagonal lines of sloping lace flowing from instep to back of heel.

Then, fearing that the loose laciness would never stay up above my ankles I switched again to ribbing – ala Fishtrap Aran from EZ.

The over all socks are a bit of a mish-mash – not a pattern for general consumption, I’m afraid. They are greater than the sum of their parts, however – a bit like the Man himself and the country he now governs.