Being biased

I’m a knitting snob – I admit it! Or perhaps even a knit-ist: I do not treat knitters and non-knitters the same. I can’t help it. It became glaringly obvious to me as I progressed with my current WiP, the Multi-directional Scarf from Modular Knitting. As posted previously, I’m knitting this as a present for DD’s teacher. I’m enjoying the technique enormously, and the Noro. But the thrill of¬†producing knitting that changes direction is just going to sail over the head of a non-knitter. And it’s going to bother me that a non-knitter might get this scarf but not “get” it.

Meanwhile, recently I knit “The Instant Gratification Scarf” using the gorgeous yarn that Averil (blog-free) gave me in my Secret Pal Swap last Christmas.

el crusaitoSecret Pal Swap Swag

I had a knitter in mind when I knit it. This time, it bothered me that the finished result is something that would impress a non-knitter but just looks like badly done garter-stitch to a knitter. Knitters deserve more. I’m as biased as my WiP!

So I brought them both along to my Knit-night last night and Caroline confirmed my suspicions and helped me decide: The teacher gets Instant Gratification and the knitter gets Multi-directional (maybe). The pressure is still on time-wise, however, as I need to get it into the post on Friday if it’s going to reach its destination on time. It might yet get frogged and become something from Noro’ Mini-knits instead, we’ll see…¬†