March Round-up 2011

Yet again the last day of the month falls on a blog-post day. Uncanny how that keeps happening.

The opportunity that this serendipity affords cannot be avoided: it’s time for… The Reckoning…


For the first time this year I have something to report in the FOs section – two things in fact!

  • One of them I can’t show you – I’m such a tease – but I know you’ll still be delighted. I finished the Cardigan / Jacket that I had long-promised for my DD. More than that, I wrote the actual pattern AND sent it off to Knitty. I know, I’m gob-smacked too! This is the reason why you can’t get even so much as a peeksies. I will, of course, let you know whether I get the thumbs-up from the powers / Gods at Knittydotcom.

  • The other FO was the super-fast and satisfying Whimsie golf-club cover in fantabulous Malabrigo. I just love how the striping emerged in the finished item. This was a great knit and very well received by my golfing-mad Mum. It only took a few days and is very portable. I may make more for her.


GlenvArgh! is still untouched and is likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile Petals Wrap has been languishing while I was focussed on the pattern-writing. I managed to resolve the mistake I has made without ripping. A neat trick I un-vented that is worthy of a guided-tour blog-post in the future.

I haven’t started the Peaseblossom Tunic by Kirstin Omdahl in Fyberspates Lace yet. I’m was planning on bringing it with me as my in-flight crafting entertainment when I fly to Berlin tomorrow. Though @CathyQTpi made a very good point in my last post so I’ve decided to stick with Petals and resist the shiny-shiny. After all, Petals *is* crochet too so is also acceptable when flying.


Since Petals is not good “chatting-crafting” I’m also casting-on a swatch at knit-night this evening so that I have a go-to project when my attention will be divided. I *may* be setting myself up to further distract myself from my knitting-plan. //insert nonchalant whistling here//

Yarn In

Only a month later than intended, I finally finished my February skein for our skein-a-month spin-along. I’ve only measured the length (purely for the purposes of this post) so it hasn’t been washed, thwacked or measured for WPI yet. It certainly hasn’t been photographed in all it’s daylight glory. So you’ll have to be patient for a future blog-post to see the finished skein.

I didn’t enjoy the yarn as I was spinning it – though I enjoyed spinning the yarn… if you follow me. Let me explain: I enjoyed the process of spinning but I was disappointed with the product. The corriadale seemed rough and hairy.

I was pleasantly surprised by how squishy it all turned out after I plied it. There are several mistakes, breaks and knotted joins throughout this skein. It will be “fun” again when I knit it up. It’s like I’m giving a present to my future self!

One bobbin finished sooner than the other as I was spinning so I toyed with the idea of learning to Navajo-ply it. And I will… but for now I’m adopting BionicLaura’s approach of storing the remaining single on a toilet-roll insert. She is my spinning guru, afterall so who am I to venture off into the unknown.

My March skein… was a non-starter. Too much going on this month. Or, more precisely – one thing going on much more slowly and pain-stakingly than anticipated. Next month I plan to tackle it *and* my April skein which I think will be this deliciousness:

It’s a skein of Falkland, hand-dyed by Laura Hogan that was hand-picked for me by KneeHigh in This Is Knit. I had a little splurge for my big-number birthday – which I cunningly avoided mentioning in my February round-up.

The colourway is called “Joan” and I didn’t see it before it arrived – I trusted KneeHigh’s judgement entirely. And wasn’t I so right to do so? Great colourway that i might not have even noticed in the shop if I’d been left to my own devices.

It was such a treat to unwrap a surprise parcel I’d managed to buy myself!

Another bit of USA arrived unexpectedly from FourBoys, aka @Doogarry. Three skeins of T’ika by Mirasol in a beautiful Spring-y green. She sent it to me as a present for my (big number) birthday so I’m calling it “Spring Chicken” coz I ain’t!

Spring Chicken

The sentiment she wrote in the card was so lovely I keep it on my desk to cheer me up. It’s so nice when people let you know that they think fondly of you; and so important to remind yourself that there are people who do.

Finally Tally

So the up-shot of this month’s activity is…

  • FOs = 2 (whoot! whoot!)
  • WIPs = 2 (and holding…)
  • Frogged = 0
  • Skein-a-month = 1 (February = Northern Lights) 
  • Yarn in = 279(T’ika)+185(Northern Lights) = 464
  • Yarn out = 685(Knitty-unmentionable)+ 129(Malabrigo Golf club cover) = 879
  • Yarn balance c/f = -415m i.e. I used up more than I gained!
  • Darned Socks = 0