Not a One-WIP-Wonder

Before I get full on into my quilting adventure – and boy am I ready to start! – I need to pause and take stock of my other craft interests. (I haven’t finished talking about my Rhinebeck adventures yet, don’t worry!)

I’ll deal with my spinning efforts in a separate post but, for the sake of giving a reckoning: I think I have about three spinning projects underway. If I decide to ply others, that brings my total of unfinished spinning projects up to five.

In terms of Knitting / Crochet WIPs at the moment, I’ve got three on the go – that I’m aware of(!). One is in “active service”; one on time-out; and another one hibernating through no fault of its own – that old nemesis Time made me put it there to focus on the other two.

The “Active Service” WIP is Sherwood which I’m making for DS1 – possibly for his birthday at the end of the month (if I can get it done in time).Sherwood in Peat
I’m using RY Classic Yarns “Silk Cotton” by Rowan in “Peat” colourway. I’m enjoying the pattern though I keep making mistakes with where the cabling stops and starts. At least I can tink down and fix them; but Cotton is very unforgiving about it.

These socks are from another pattern on – Lickety Split. The original pattern is for a tabi-toe sock with Intarsia details of Japanese text. Mine is a much simpler version in TOFUtsies by South West Trading Company in the “Put Your Foot Down” Colourway.

Pilates SocksBroken Stitch
I decided on these in anticipation of a quick-knit for my October credit on the Sock-a-Month KAL. I started the first sock on the plane over to Rhinebeck (Oct 15th) and was turning the heel on the plane home (Oct 18th/19th). This may sound really fast but actually, when I tell you that the time between casting-on and turning-the-heel on the 2nd sock was a mere 24 hours you’ll realise how little knitting I actually did at Rhinebeck!

All was going swimmingly and I was making headway into the anklet cuff with 24hours to spare on the Oct 31st deadline when a stitch spontaneously broke a row or so down. So the deadline was missed and they’ve been in “Time-Out” since. <<insert Raspberry noise here>>

They please me much more when they are hidden in the gorgeous box-bag I got from Sweensie at her Etsy shop.

Sweensie BoxBag
The WIP I really want to be progressing on is my beautiful Petals Wrap Cardigan from “Crochet So Fine” by Kristen Omdahl. It’s the one pictured on the cover of the book below.

Petals Wrap

I promised myself this as a reward for finishing DH’s Cardigan but Deadlines – such as the two WIPs above – keep getting in the way. The yarn is Alpaca Lace from Dublin Dye Company dyed in a gorgeous purple with subtle navy tones. I love it and it’s a great marriage of pattern and yarn (I think, so far at least).

Soon my precious… soon.