A consequence of WIPdown

I mentioned #WIPdown in my last post – an “initiative” started on Twitter by @SineadR (a.k.a. Sinead on Ravelry), whereby we finish off all current WIPs so as to start the New Year afresh. A few tweets later and the deadline was extended to January 6th: include the 12 days of Christmas.

I believe I may have mentioned it in the context of a bandwagon. Knitters seem to be particularly susceptible to band-wagons. Whether it be knitting patterns such as the Clapotis or Jaywalker or Monkeys; or getting their mitts on a skein of Brooklyn Tweed’s “Shelter” or Manos Lace – whatever everyone else is into, we want in too! 

So the #WIPdown started as a simple enough thing, for me – bit of lip-service to the concept if I’m being perfectly honest: a round or two on a wrist-warmer here… a segment on a side-ways hat there… (frog a few others while no-one was looking…!) I was engaging with the spirit of the occasion without getting carried away.


Until the WIPs themselves started climbing out of the wood-work; calling to me, asking to reach their ultimate destiny as FO.

First off was a Chemo Cap #1, that I’d long abandoned because the yarn (Wendy Happy) was getting on my wick! I literally had a dream about it and the intended recipients – even the most cold-hearted amongst us couldn’t resist pulling it out of hibernation. But more about that in a future post.

More surprising still was to hear from a complete blast from the past – GlenvArgh! That long-forgotten UFO – my second attempt (of three!) at a cardigan for DH – was suddenly speaking to me and asking for another chance. Still basking in the delight and glory of successfully finishing the third attempt, I actually listened!!! Even the knitting buddies I met at the Central Hotel – regular readers here, like BionicLaura and Sinead – couldn’t believe their eyes. For fans of Sex in the City (the series), it was like when Carrie has the affair with Big after he gets married: all her friends are worried for her that it’s all going to go horribly wrong and end with her in tears.

I tried it on at the Central Hotel and some tried to convince me that I should just cast-off right then – that it would make a great bolero top with short-sleeve. I’m thinking it needs to be longer – like, mid-thigh or so. Since it started life as a cardigan, I’m continuing to knit it over and back; but ultimately, my plan is to sew it up the middle – and make a second sleeve (natch!).

It's the Second Coming!!!

So folks, save me from myself if you think I need it… but right now I think that me and GlenvArgh! are making beautiful music together – or at least, a short-sleeved tunic-top for me!