Who’s in charge here?

I blogged before about my WIPs rising up against me to thwart my crafting prowess. If you think I’m being over-the-top and melodramatic you might be right but it was fairly disconcerting to fall foul of no less than seven projects at once.

Now there’s been some time to lick and heal wounds I thought I should do a round-up of how (or… if) I beat back the tide:

  • 1. Gloves for teacher “B” – I progressed these to the point of joining the fingers together and starting the palms. However, I tried to do this without looking at the pattern and messed it up entirely. It wouldn’t have been much to rip back and redo but I’d really lost interest in pursuing the project as an appropriate present for this teacher. Current Status: RIPPED!
  • 2. Design Idea #1 – previously ripped out. Current Status: STEWING
  • 3. Slouchy Beret for teacher “C” – I abandoned the project in this yarn but not the pattern. I made another Phoenix in a solid grey and was delighted when I found a fabulous button at The Constant Knitter to finish it off. Like the Phoenix of its name, this gift rose triumphantly from ashes of defeat. Current Status: FINISHED AND GIVEN AWAY!

Slouchy Phoenix for Teacher “C”

  • 4. Design Idea #2 – previously abandoned but not yet ripped out. Current Status: STEWING
  • 5. Baby quilt – I’ve been warned not to rip out the seams already made. I think this can be rescued with some sashing. Current Status: HIBERNATING
  • 6. Mint green Pizelle – previously abandoned but not yet ripped out. Current Status: RIPPED!
  • 7. Raspberry Beret for teacher “D” – I ripped it out and started again. Current Status: FINISHED AND GIVEN AWAY!

Raspberry Beret

  • CONCLUSION: of seven troublesome WIPs the final score is FO = 1; Ripped = 3 and Hibernating = 3

    Status: stable

    Speaking of presents for teachers, in the end, Teacher “B” got a scarf in Tunisian Crochet and Teacher “E” got socks.


    Tunisian Scarf for Teacher “B”


    Faux Fair-isle socks for Teacher “E”

    Unfortunately, I spent so much time on failed hat and gloves I ran out of time to make a present for Teacher “A”. Knit-night buddy Watermemory came to my rescue and sold me one of her felted bags. She’ll be launching them on her etsy shop shortly so stay tuned!



WIP Wednesday: Turbine

I asked the Twitterverse the following question:

“Imagine if you were a teacher from Donegal: what would you like me to knit for you?”

I got a very good suggestion back, almost immediately, from @WrapNturn of a Bree bag “in a delicious tweed”. A brilliant idea – and one I must remember for the future – but I had a slight problem: I forgot to mention that the Donegal Teacher in mind was male!

@WrapNturn again came up with a winner: “Turbine hat [by Wooly Wormhead] again out of a delicious tweed.” What’s more, I already had the book – Twisted Wooly Toppers – that the pattern was in.

Donegal TurbineThe teacher in question is not *just* a Donegal-native. It is his insistence that he comes from a mystical county, shrouded in mist and mystery, called… “Donegaaal…”. This, said in hushed, Clannad-esque tones and with arms out-stretched as though casting a spell, has been a running joke with my DD since she first joined his class last September.

How to best honour his beloved County? After further deliberation and consultation on the Twitter-machine I decided to knit Turbine in the colours of County Donegal’s GAA team: green on gold. And if I could source said colours in yarn made in Kilcar, Co. Donegal, so much the better.

Since there was nothing remotely suitable in my stash, I put a call out on Ravelry for a yarn-swap. Hawthorn and MaryL came back with offers of beautiful greens – perfect for the Donegal Colours – but they weren’t sure about what yellow they might have. The GAA team-strip has a gold background with a green stripe, so I needed more yellow/gold than green.

In the following week DH was away, one of my dogs became ill and I was in my last week of training for the mini-marathon. Not only did my computer time become limited, my ability for decision-making went to nill!

With a week wasted and the end-of-school-year deadline looming I panicked and hit my nearest LYS. In their bargain-bin I found some a pretty-close estimation for gold in yarn terms. The only green that was even remotely suitable was more moss-coloured but I think they make a good team. What’s more they’re Rowan Cashsoft which is sooo soft. Not as rugged or hard-wearing as Kilcarra / Donegal Tweed but for someone that I don’t really know it’s a nice soft yarn for a hat.

I cast this on last Saturday with a Latvian Braid in the two colours at the base. I’m using intarsia to make one set of stripes in the contrasting green. I’m only halfway through the body, so it’s slow going. I’m hoping when I reach the decreases in the crown, it will speed up sufficiently that I can get this finished in a week. Though after two evenings of blogging and not knitting I’m hampering my own chances.