Are you startin’?

In Ireland, saying this is considered a challenge – a threat, a call to arms, a gauntlet being thrown down. And my adversary?

It’s the foe of old: Debbie Bliss’s Glenvar – Take II. See my notes from Aileen’s “top-down, set-in sleeve class” at This is Knit? Finally, I’m knuckling down. I’ve advanced the back, with the short-row shaping for the sholders – which did funky things to the ribbing. Meanwhile, however, the original – The Behemoth – is languishing in the frog pond. Frogging is harder than I anticipated. I didn’t realise you can’t frog ribbing backwards i.e. from the bottom up. I didn’t want to take the sholders apart until I’d knit the new version down past the armholes – for comparison & reference. So instead I’ve had to find my woven-in ends as a starting point. It’s slow progress but I’ve got three balls wound up and ready to move on again.

I’ve definately caught the “startitis” bug lately. At my last Knit Night I bought Loop-d-loop by Teva Durham from Claire (a.k.a. Clarabell on Rav) and almost as soon as I got home I was inspired to cast-on for the Yoke Vest. I had one of those flashes of inspiration when I realised that the yarn I had bought in Lidl, for no better reason than it was ridiculously cheap, would be perfect. I swatched it up and, much to my surprise, I was right. I toyed with re-working the maths because the size of the finished vest in the pattern seem ridulously small – and I’m fairly average sized. However, there’s a note in the pattern that the yarn is stretchy and the Lidl yarn was too, in the swatch. Plus, looking at the photos of others on Ravelry, the people wearing it don’t seem to be much bigger than me. So I stuck to the pattern as written.

Knit-night Feast

Of course, it also was an excuse to crack open my new set of Denise needles that I was aided and abbetted into getting by Caroline (a.k.a. Bootie on Rav), also a regular at our Swords Knit Night. Within a day I was one ball down and had 8″ done up to the waist. I’m sceptical about what appears to be nearly 10″ negative ease!?! It can’t be right? I’ve tried it on – what do you think? I’m up to the neck now & despite wanting to finish it and wear it to tomorrow’s knit-night I’m a bit stuck. The pattern instruction seem over-complicated:

“Knit to center Front st and work a right-slanting dec … pm for center neck; do not cont RS row, but in order to create balanced loop through center st at bottom neck, turn so WS of fabric is facing and purl WS row to right neck edge, turn, knit to left edge, turn, and purl 1 row.”

So far as I understand it that’s a convoluted way of saying “starting with a purl row, work 3 rows stocking st” and I can’t fathom what this talk of creating a balanced loop through the centre st at bottom neck is about. Anyway – knit on through all crises – as the wise lady says, eh? I might have to take the EZ approach and just knit it and see. Often the best strategy, apart from which this one would be a doddle to frog!

Speaking of EZ, I’m also really tempted to cast-on for EZ’s Mystery Blanket from the April Chapter of her Almanac, using some of the baby acrylic I bought in Aldi – again because it was too cheap to leave behind. So far I’ve resisted – three WIPs is enough for me – but maybe when I’ve got this Yokey-thingy all done I might…